“You Need To Leave” – Aiida

If you’ve ever had a friend with a significant other that you really despised, “You Need To Leave” by Aiida is about to be your anthem. With a barrage of direct, irreverent lyrics, this track feels not only relatable but deeply cathartic. It says the stuff you can’t say out loud for you–and it’s devilishly satisfying.

A gymnastic bassline topped with a brazen, conversational vocal melody sets the song off. Aiida lobs insults at her friend’s less-than-ideal partner, frequently detailing the ways in which they drag her down. Drums and bright, chorus-laden guitars kick in as the ever-so-catchy pre-chorus settles. “Yeah you need to go,” Aiida chimes, spoken rather than sung. The chorus explodes with this 90s, girl-band atmosphere that honestly needs to come back in style as soon as possible. It’s a fun, retro pop sound that has yet to be re-hashed (like so many other decades and genres have). With a few modern elements, Aiida makes it cool and actually quite innovative.

Listening through the rest of the track will get you some decadent harmonies and a skilled lead vocal performance–truthfully–you’ll be left in awe at how incredibly acrobatic and agile Aiida’s voice is. The runs she delivers are quite frankly insane. That being said, “You Need To Leave” is a song you can really sink your teeth into. Aiida has created something unique, refreshing, and emotionally gratifying. It’s a little grittier than the pop music you run into these days, and that’s what makes it so special.


Written by Alyce lindberg

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