“In The Dark (ft. Polarwulf)” – VINAI, Lucas Estrada, and Moonshine

“In The Dark (ft. Polarwulf)” by VINAI, Lucas Estrada, and Moonshine uses rhythm and melody in conjunction to create one of the most infectious, catchy songs you’ll ever hear. If you like a good, cleanly-produced pop track, this one is for you. With pristine vocals and a pulsing beat, “In The Dark” will make you want to move.

We’re thrust immediately into the vocals, which, in a covered, distant way, recite the chorus. As the sound opens up, the verse rushes in. “You and I both know / That we ain’t no good / That we ain’t no good to hold on,” the singer cries with a warm, intimate tone. An acoustic guitar strums a simple riff as echos envelop the mix, injecting it with this lovely dreaminess. Gentle snaps build up to a cymbal swell and the entrance of a sudden, deep synth bass. The vocals now have a high-energy melodic arc, especially considering the lower octave that hangs below them. The air is buzzing with anticipation as we dive into the chorus.

“It was love in your eyes / Now it haunts me every night,” the words perfectly coincide with the now pounding percussion. Each beat swells with a decadent side chain as we experience the release and euphoria brought on by the excitement of this track. Everything about it is well-crafted and well-delivered. Run, don’t walk to listen to the vibrant stylings of VINAI, Lucas Estrada, Moonshine, and Polarwulf. You won’t regret getting to know these talented, effortlessly cool artists.

Written by Alyce lindberg

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