“Ricochet” – New Friends

“Ricochet” by New Friends is one of those songs that will renew your faith in modern music. Just when you think rock has made its final evolution, you find yourself neck-deep in a mix of infectious riffs, brilliant vocals, and cool, poised, confident lyrics. This band truly has its sound locked down. You can tell when an artist makes music that they enjoy because if you really love what you do, others will follow suit.

We’re greeted with a simple, minor guitar riff and an explosion of gang vocals. Chords echo through the background as this motif forms a gratifying groove. “Load me up / Load me up like a gun / Let me in / Kick me out / Hit and run,” the singer rambles with a full, somewhat pithy timbre. The lyrics take on a simple structure, mostly for the sake of creating an atmosphere rather than telling a detailed story. It’s the kind of lyric you expect from this kind of song because the musical content hits so hard it doesn’t need flowery language.

The chorus comes with a flash of steady power chords and a catchy, belted melody. Harmonies ornament certain phrases, adding a layer of interest and filling up the sonic space. As a chorused, lower-octave chimes the hook, a brief pause in instrumentation erupts into another recitation of the intro motif. It’s the epitome of a climactic ending. New Friends put their heart and soul into “Ricochet,” and it shows. Not to mention, they’ve got a visually stunning music video to accompany this track. Be sure to give them a listen, a like, and a follow!

Written by Alyce lindberg

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