“Wildflowers” – Bowen Abel

The weight of reality can sometimes be too much, but being able to have someone by your side through the depths of the low points can make all the difference. Nathaniel and Bethany Perea know that all too well as they experienced one of life’s greatest losses in 2019. A year later they formed Bowen Abel, a musical homage to their late son. From that came an EP, and this year a pair of singles, including their latest, “Wildflowers.” 

Bowen Abel was formed to help Nathaniel and Bethany bring forth the voice of someone they’ll never forget, with each of them showcasing their vocal prowess in the process. Nathaniel’s like the base of a tree trunk, and Bethany’s more like the wind that blows through the leaves. Together, a beautiful scene. They sang together on their first single of 2021, “Love You In The Dark,” but Bethany took the reins with “Wildflowers.” With the second single, Bowen Abel allows for the poetry in their lyrics to come forth as Bethany’s enchanting performance leaves an impression on the heart. 

When reality comes at you with the unexpected, all one can do is try and keep on going as best they can. For Nathaniel and Bethany, they decided to create beauty in their son’s memory with a lovely array of music that comes from the spirit of a true singer-songwriter, and has a wonderful indie folk outer layer. Fans of artists like Max Helgemo and Juliet Sunflowers are advised to check out “Wildflowers,” available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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