“Ceilings” – Running Touch

There is no denying that electronic music has come a long way in just the past 20 years thanks to the mainstream finally embracing beats and heavy amounts of bass. DJs and producers like Skrillex, Zedd, and Tiesto have helped usher in a new era of the genre, and those like Running Touch, are keeping it afloat thanks to dynamic releases like “Ceilings.”

Unlike the more Top 40 electronica-based songs that we have come to know over the past few years that feature a DJs wonderful arrangement with a powerful pop performance via a well-known vocalist, Running Touch reaches for something more. “Ceilings” is darker in hue, richer in beat, and overall a song that can definitely cross the line into the mainstream, but will always fill the hearts of electronica purists. There is this sort of goth meets New Wave feel to the vocals that are as if you took Depeche Mode and tossed them on the dancefloor in an industrial club in the depths of metropolitans like San Francisco and New York City. 

“Ceilings” strays from the expected electronica we’ve come to know, and sort of dives back into when the genre was still this underground gem. It’s a reminder of where the style started but also highlights where it’s going. It straddles that line well as his second single from Running Touch this year.

Those interested in checking out “Ceilings” from Running Touch can take it in now by heading to any major music and streaming site.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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