“High & Dry” – Devon Cole

The reality that comes with dating, relationships, and love is that they can be harsh. Not everyone we swipe right on will be a love story for the ages. In most cases, they’ll be tales we tell over drinks with friends when we’re left well, high and dry. Devon Cole took a handful of these relationship woes and turned them into a fantastic pop song that brings in everything from heartbreak to soul. 

“High & Dry” is a song that doesn’t settle too deep in any one genre. The music is pop-infused indie, the vocals have a soulful grace, and the overall tone is so universal that anyone could hear and think, “total mood.” Despite being inspired by the fear of a broken heart and the inevitable breakup that leaves one in the fetal position with ‘The Office’ playing on a loop, Devon Cole made a very vibrant song that takes the negatives and displays them in a song you can’t help but vibe along with. 

This is Devon Cole’s fourth single since she decided to pack her bags and headed to Toronto in 2020 to do what she does best, and that’s make music. With three singles out this year, this songstress is gearing up for the release of her debut EP, ‘Party For One.’ Which many have been eagerly waiting for. Thankfully the wait is almost over as the EP will be dropping in November 2021. Thank goodness for that. 

So while you wait just a little longer for ‘Party For One,’ check out “High & Dry,” out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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