“What Comes Around” – Kid Travis

Being able to capture the transition of summer into fall in a song is not easy but it feels as if Kid Travis has done just that with his latest, “What Comes Around.” One of many, many releases from this audible talent this year alone. 

“What Comes Around” has these wonderful bursts of energy throughout that keep the end of summer alive in you. You want nothing more than to cap off your vacation with this track but there are also the cool elements that come through that allow you to take a seat and chill. This song sounds very much like what you would hear when popping on the radio in between mainstream artists like Post Malone and The Weekend. Kid Travis’ vocals showcase the ability to deliver not only harmonious instances but also these more alt-pop vocal moments that allow for this song to give you layers and keep you interested throughout. 

With “What Comes Around” being a song that has seasonal duality to it, expect to hear people to keep playing this well into the fall and probably beyond that. Kid Travis’ latest is one of a multitude of releases he is gifted the world this year including “Let Me In,” “coming down,” and his seventh LP, ‘Sunset Avenue.’ There is clearly no shortage of creative goodness coming from his direction. So to hear all of the above and much more, make sure to check Kid Travis out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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