“Til U” – Zoe Ko

Does anyone ever feel a little guilty when they enjoy a song about someone else’s heartbreak that much? Well, if that’s you, it’s time to shake that feeling because you’re about to play “Til U” by Zoe Ko on repeat until Spotify asks, “Again”’ and you say, “Mind your business.” 

“Til U” takes every aspect of a song in this realm, tosses them into a cauldron of pop antics with a dash of verocity, and dishes out a song that can be served on any day, at any time. Zoe Ko opens this one up with a dramatic, almost story-like narrative that gives very theatrical vibes but then when she hits that chorus, you’re swept away by those pop elements that hooks were made for. With your heart already in line with the story, your body is overtaken by the uptick in energy that comes through in those moments. 

Those who’ve been on the receiving end of heartache are going to be able to sing this loud with every fiber of their being, but being that this is just a well-constructed pop song – it is going to appeal to those who are just fans of well-defined tracks like the ones we’ve heard in recent years from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae. 

“Til U” is the second single from Zoe Ko this year and with every release, she’s giving more and more, so we’re rightfully on the edge of our seats anticipating her next move. To hear more from Zoe Ko, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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