“Maybe All the Rumours Are True” – CATTY

One of the most interesting things that most of us do growing up is try and assimilate. Sticking out in any way is often a cause of stress and anxiety, even as young as kindergarten. We see what those around us do, wear, and say and pretty much try not to rock the boat. This intensifies to various degrees for all of us depending on a multitude of factors, including our sexuality. While we’re growing more acceptive we’re still crawling towards that finish line, so when CATTY was just a kid – she didn’t feel she could quite be her queer self. Later in life, she realized that many of her friends were in that same, restrictive boat. Wanting to jump ship and write about that feeling, she penned the dynamic alt-pop “Maybe All the Rumours Are True.” 

Throughout listening to “Maybe All the Rumours Are True” I kept imagining those chaotic music videos from the ‘80s because that’s what the energy was giving. Just random bursts of colorful shapes surrounding CATTY as she gave us a narrative that many in the LGBTQ community are going to feel is familiar. Had this been a song from that decade we’d likely hear it in the upcoming final season of the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things,’ paired with Mia Hawke’s Robin as Nancy often thinks Robin is interested in Steve, but really, Robin’s mind is always on a girl elsewhere. All of that said, there were moments where that vintage, energetic pop-rock of the past teamed up with something more modern and I felt like I was listening to something from Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Bittersweet World.’ 

CATTY took her past and channeled those feelings of wanting to live openly into a song that expresses that yearning in an invigorating way with “Maybe All the Rumours Are True.” It’s her fourth single, following “can’t hate you yet” from earlier this year. To hear those and more, make sure to check CATTY out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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