“We’ll Be Fine” – The Manic Boys And Girls Club

We had the pleasure of interviewing The Manic Boys And Girls Club, and here’s what they had to say:

Q: What does “We’ll be fine” mean to you?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: Everyone’s got their ups and downs, good days and bad days. We all live with the things we have said or done, or what we didn’t say or didn’t do. We’ll Be Fine is really just about looking forward and letting go of whatever regrets we may have. It’s about believing that for whatever reason, no matter how lost we seem, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Q: Could you give us a background story of how you got the idea for this song?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: As artists, we can have pretty extreme highs and lows.We can put too much energy into overthinking the past. Gazing back on the good and the bad, letting that influence our future. This song started as a conversation with ourselves, a reminder to just be the absolute best humans and artists we can be moving forward. All we can do is do what feels right and trust that things will be alright.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about creating it? Was any part of the process stressful?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: We have had this song idea for a while.. it has been re-written, re-arranged, demoed multiple times… It has always been pretty special to us. Bringing our songs to life in the studio is always cool, but We’ll Be Fine was like this thing we had been hiding from the world for so long, there was like this emotional thing about recording it.The guitar off the top of the song was meant to be played just to guide Bela while she recorded the vocals. I don’t even think I tuned the guitar. But after recording it, everyone kinda thought we captured the song as it was written, so we never replaced it.

Q: What projects are you looking forward to?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: There are always things coming up, pretty big names reaching out… remember the highs and lows? Yeah, we just kinda gotta keep out heads down and do our thing.

Q: Do you enjoy experimenting with different genres? If so, what is your favourite so far? Why?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: I write a lot on guitar. There are loud guitars when we play live. I play a lot. So right now I’m very drawn to experimenting with genres that are NOT guitar driven. Ive recently got some cool lo-fi vintage samplers, drum machines, I’ve been playing a lot more synths, And of course, I am always trying to push the envelope of how far I can manipulate my guitar to sound like the farthest thing from a guitar.

Q: What is your favourite memory so far from your journey as a musician?

THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: That is a very hard question.We played a show in Montreal, Quebec on a January night. It must have been -40˚C. We were touring with my elementary school friend, Louie Tucci as a support act. It was 4am and I remember looking back at Louie sliding down an icy fire escape exit, as we unloaded at the end of the night. He was carrying a guitar amp and had a Fender Jaguar on his back. I had never felt colder in my life, we were cursing, hating life.It doesn’t sound like a contender for a “favourite memory” but I can hear my future self say… “Remember booking our own shows and bringing along our best friend on tour just cause we could?”So, I try and appreciate even the most insignificant things on our journey. Everything is temporary.

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