“2 Summers Ago” – Micah Emrich × beanboi × KEANA

We had the pleasure of interviewing Beanboi, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Could you give us a background story of how the three of you came together to create “2 Summers Ago”?

BEANBOI: Back in 2021, Micah Emrich’s co-producer and engineer, beanboi, approached Micah with a groovy, house-influenced instrumental. Micah quickly had an idea for a hook, then continued to finish a verse inspired by summer relationships. They sent that demo to KEANA, who went to school with beanboi at Berklee Valencia. She also wrote a verse and added her own vocals to the original hook. After that, the song flourished into the summertime bop, “2 Summers Ago”.

Q: What was a typical day in the recording studio like during the creation of this song?

BEANBOI: Well, most of the recording was done at our individual home studios! Micah lived in Milwaukee, Keana lived in Los Angeles, and I lived in Arkansas in 2021. I was traveling quite a bit between Milwaukee and LA during that year, so I was able to record most of their parts in person in addition to Keana sending in a few additional vocals remotely. Micah and I collaborated on the overall structure of the song after he recorded his vocals, and the whole production process was actually pretty quick for this song!

Q: What effect would you love your music to have on listeners?

BEANBOI: For this song specifically, our goal is to create a nostalgic feeling in the listener. We want them to reminisce about their favorite summers while embracing the summer coming up. We want the listener to be able to roll down their windows, turn up the music, and create new memories for the season.

Q: Do you enjoy experimenting with genres? Which do you feel allows you to express yourself the most?

BEANBOI: Our favorite genre to express ourselves is pop! Pop can be anything with good songwriting at its core. You can experiment with melody, harmony, production, sound design, structure, etc., all while blending in styles from multiple genres. As a genre bending artist, Micah describes his sound as “alternative everything” which is a perfect fit for his sound. For this song, our influences were electronic, house, disco, funk, and dream pop.

Q: How does your musical roadmap for the rest of the year look?

BEANBOI: Lots of releases! Next week, June 2nd is the release of Micah’s EP, “Sample-Return Mission.” Then, month after month we’re dropping a series of singles with more featured artists and new producers. 🙂

Q: What would you love to tell your supporters?

BEANBOI: We thank our supporters so much for seeking out new independent music and listening to us. Our dreams were to have people hear our voices and now we can say those dreams are coming true.

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