“Here by Your Side” – Gavriel x Atli

It is not hard to understand that love is one of the most constant driving forces of music. Whether it be the good or the bad, musicians have been delivering every aspect of the concept of this emotion since music became a thing from the days of Mozart through today with artists like Gavriel and his latest, “Here by Your Side” alongside Atli. These artists have been taking the idea of love and finding new ways to express it ever so beautifully. 

“Here by Your Side” is a simple, sincere song that doesn’t do a lot but still manages to get the point across. Its bare-bones approach in many ways mirrors the beauty of true love and that is the effortless nature of it all. Yes, some love songs go above and beyond with the balladry of it all, but not all of them have to be that way such as this one. “Here by Your Side” is reminiscent of Ed Sheeran when he was all about the romance and not so much the upbeat Top 40 he has done as of late. So those that miss that side of Sheeran, never fear because that style of music is still being made and Gavriel is here with it with the help of another talented artist by the name of Atli. 

Growing up in a household with half a dozen kids and being the youngest of them all, various music was all around throughout. Inspired by what he heard, he took the songwriting of The Beatles and the heart of Eric Clapton and carved out a path for himself a couple of years ago when he dropped his debut single, “Peace.” Since then he’s released a handful more singles, an EP, and a full-length. Now he’s on the heels of another LP, ‘What I’ve Found.’ To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out Gavriel on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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