“This Is Who We Are” by Sophia Bavishi

Words can’t express my excitement to present this interview with rising indie pop star Sophia Bavishi. After discovering Sophia, and her music, I was immediately drawn in by her lyrics, production, and the overall excitement behind her artistry. With “This Is Who We Are,” we get a visual of a rollercoaster-like relationship that eventually comes together. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sophia Bavishi, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Give us more insight into how you came up with the vision for “This Is Who We Are?”

SOPHIA: For the song “This Is Who We Are” I came up with the idea of a relationship that always moves back and forth, and I feel that is something that happens often in our generation. Relationships endure through ups and downs, and sometimes they return back to each other. The whole story is based around the idea of coming around to one another, even if it may not have worked out in the past.

Q: What are the connections between the others? From what we gather, it appears there were 5 singles you released in the past couple of years.

SOPHIA: I have a total of seven released singles, including “This Is Who We Are”. There is no exact connection between the seven individual songs, however there does seem to be a common thread of relationships and life problems. I have plans for the near future to release an ep with a more concise idea and connection to one another.

Q: Could you give us a sneak peek at what fans might expect next? New album?

SOPHIA: I am planning on releasing an EP later this year. I have lots of things in the works. I am almost finished with college, which allows me to have a lot more time to focus on writing and creating music.

Q: Which song – released or upcoming – are you most excited to perform live?

SOPHIAI am most excited to perform “This Is Who We Are” live because I feel it is such a different type of song I wrote, and I love the way it feels when I sing it. I love the vibe of the song and I just get so into it when I sing it!

Q: I see you have the talent to be a model. Have you considered this in your music career?

SOPHIAI have never considered being a model. I just really love doing cool photo shoots and expressing myself through them. I used to do theatre so I think that is where the passion comes from. I think being photogenic does help in the music industry because it helps to represent you and your brand.

Q: What does success mean to you as an artist? As a person?

SOPHIA: Success to me is being comfortable where I am in life and being happy with where I live, what career/job I am working. I am also happy if what I am doing makes me feel passionate. Success does not always mean money. To me it is the feeling of being accomplished and proud of the work you are doing and putting in.

Interviewed by Shertara Brazil





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