“No One Left To Fight” by Jack Moy

Stockholm-based indie rock/pop artist, Jack Moy, has released another beautiful indie rock anthem, “No One Left to Fight.” This song delves into deep topics like addiction, abuse, anxiety, and the struggle to change. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Moy, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: I love your vocal range and harmonization on “No One Left to Fight”! What is your favorite vocal training routine?

MOY: Thank you so much for your kind words! I have to admit, I’ve had my fair share of problems with my voice. Most of them stem from the lack of training and warming up. So, while I may not have had formal training or schooling, I’ve learned a lot through trial and error over the years. And taking care of your voice is so important, especially when you’re putting in a lot of work as a musician.

Q: I’m loving the honesty and accountability! Can you describe what a typical studio session for this song was like?

MOY: This was one of those songs that I started writing a while ago, and picked up later. It’s funny how you can be your own worst critique. I almost missed out on this one. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different sounds and textures, trying out different instruments and effects to create the right atmosphere for the song. But it was only when I opened the project a year later it all fell into place. Got rid of almost everything in the project and just build the entire thing on the big chorus and harmonies.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about creating this song? And what aspect would you say was the most stressful?

MOY: One of the most memorable moments of the session was when I finally nailed the harmonies on the chorus. It was one of those goosebump-inducing moments that makes all the hard work worth it.

Overall, the session was a mix of creativity, experimentation, and perseverance. And I’m so glad I stuck with it and didn’t give up, even when it seemed like we were hitting a wall. In the end, we ended up with a song that I’m really proud of.

Q: That’s great! What do you think has been the highlight of your musical career, so far?

MOY: Well it’s always hard to look back without becoming nostalgic but there are always some live performances that stay with you. For sure our show at Liseberg 2018 (one of the biggest venues in Scandinavia) is one of them. 

And for sure our prime-time tv appearance on Swedish public service SVT2013 (I remember it being kind of a big deal to friends and family).

But in the end, it’s the small things, just being on the road with the lads, having a blast, and doing what we love. This is a snippet from a club show sometime before the pandemic.

Q: What advice would you give to up-and-coming artists honing their craft and trying to gain some visibility?

MOY: As you are probably aware, the music scene has changed tremendously since I got into it in early 2010, and the aspects of social media and the effect it has on people’s mental health. I would only give one tip. It’s not about numbers on any app. Keep working on your music. It’s not going to happen overnight and certainly not because of some app. Get out, meet people, and make one fan at a time. What good are 50k followers if you can’t sell 50 tickets to your show in your hometown?

Q: What are 3 key aspects of your musical roadmap for 2023?

MOY: This is more of a leap year for me and the lads, we’re working on some new stuff. But as we also have our own record company where we signed a couple of artists it’s a big year for some of them. But there will probably be a new album coming out 2024.

Q: Good luck!

Interviewed by Zoey King






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