“Starlight” by Strange Talk Ft. CM

“Running through the starlight with you. That’s where I wanna be” Strange Talk have poured their entire selves into this empowering, beautifully raw, and intimately vulnerable new album, “Speech Therapy (Remixed).”. We had the pleasure of interviewing Strange Talk, and here is what they had to say:

Q: You dropped the first album “Speech Therapy” in 2021 and just released “Speech Therapy Remix” this year. After two years what made you want to remix and revise this album?

STRANGE TALK: Electronic music and remixing have both been a passion for hours even before Strange Talk. When the pandemic began, we started messing around with some re-edits of a couple of the songs from ‘Speech Therapy’, but that soon envolved in remixing more than half of the album, so we decided to finish the last few and we were left with a fully self-remixed version. We found it was an enjoyable creative outlet before getting stuck into the next batch of originals.

Q: Strange Talk is a very interesting name. How did this come about?

STRANGE TALK: The name was really just something we came up with without any real story behind it. When we first started making music together the next natural step was to come up with a name that we could release music under.

We had a short list of potential names and Strange Talk clicked and happened to look the best on our initial artwork so we rolled with it. Over the years we’ve often said how we wish we had some fancy story behind the name whenever we get asked!

Q: How are you hoping people respond to the If you could make any song from your new album “Speech Therapy Remix” go viral on Tik Tok which one would you choose?

STRANGE TALK: Tough question – probably Starlight with CM. That song was the first song we’ve ever released with a featured artist/vocalist, which we hope to do more of with our future songs too.

Q: If you could go back in time and change one moment, what would it be?

STRANGE TALKUsually the answer would be nothing, but we often say how much we regret in the early days, with international tours being so hectic, we wished we had taken more photos throughout the journey – It’s ok though, we’re definitely making up for that now!

Q: If you can only take one album with you, what would you takI see both of you have DJ experience. How was the transition to becoming an artist?

STRANGE TALKLove DJ’ing! The DJ / Club scene is actually how we first met. I guess the one thing you learn from DJ’ing is crowd reaction. This is something we‘ve always liked to implement into our shows, whether it be certain types of drops, builds, crowd banter etc.

Transitioning to live was a whole other beast, especially when we had a band playing with us. Sound on stage played a huge factor, different venues with different setups and acoustics, but our new live show is a 2-piece hybrid, with a much more streamlined setup but still lots of live elements so the overall transition from DJ’ing to a 4-piece was different then from a 4-piece to now a 2-piece is very different again

Q: What else is the duo working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you both in the future?

STRANGE TALK: Right now our focus is on new music. We are heading to Europe in April/May to write the next batch of music. We’re probably aiming for 2 short EP releases which we’re really excited about and then start working on the live show and touring it!

Interviewed by Shertara Brazil





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