“the long way home (feat. Sara Kays & Sarcastic Sounds)” – Powfu

Powfu’s latest single “the long way home” is a sweet, introspective song that reads like a meandering passage straight out of the artist’s diary. Featuring Sara Kays and Sarcastic Sounds, the seemingly innocent tune has a serious undertone as the lyrics honestly depict coping with a difficult life at home.

Forgoing an introduction, “the long way home” begins abruptly with the strum of a note before Sara Kays’ light, airy voice carries the lyrics in a delicate manner that matches the pace of the acoustic guitar instrumentation. Powfu’s voice enters with the line “Imma take the long way home, cuz walking through that door’s not easy”. His verse is raw and heartbreaking as he tells the story of coming home to a troubling situation in an emotional, syncopated fashion. The song grows with beautiful harmonies interspersed with echoes of arguments that add a jarringly immersive element to the song.

A heartfelt track full of depth, “the long way home” is the first single from Powfu’s upcoming EP set to be released on June 4th, 2021. Following the success of his platinum hit “death bed (coffee for your head)” that amassed over 2 billion streams worldwide, Powfu continues to create powerful music in his unique, accessible way. With sincere lyrics and captivating and supportive instrumentation, “the long way home” is a moving, enveloping song that offers an understanding support to people who are, in the artist’s words, “going through something and feel like they have nobody to talk to”.

Written by Katrina Charles

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