“4 Years” – Logan Alexandra

Logan Alexandra’s single “4 Years” is a fresh, dynamic pop song that celebrates the best moments of high school with a rose-colored perspective. Boasting upbeat, rhythmic production and a sweet, nostalgic message that any high schooler (current, future, or otherwise) can relate to, “4 Years” is 4 minutes of pure delight that will get you excited for the future no matter your graduation date.
With rhythmically plucked guitar arpeggiations, the song begins with a modern, throwback sound before a kick drum beat launches the verse. Logan Alexandra’s voice is clear and soulful while retaining a conversational, laid-back tone that makes it feel like you’re having a late-night phone chat with your best friend. The lyrics are optimistic recounting the happenings of senior year before the chorus hits hard with a soaring, uplifting melody as she sings “four years of laughing in the back seat of our classes, dreamed of moving to LA or New York”.
Having just celebrated her college graduation, the Scottsdale, Arizona native has effortlessly captured that just-before-summer feeling that is a mix of innocence, excitement, and optimism. Though not shying away from the restrictions of high school life, “4 Years” focuses on the hope and potential you feel before launching into the unknown. Whether you’re looking forward to your high school graduation or the memory is drifting away into the past, “4 Years” will remind you to enjoy the ride because “you can’t replace the younger you”.

Written by Katrina Charles

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