“Middle of the Road” – Philippe Bronchtein

Singer and songwriter Philippe Bronchtein has just released his latest single “Middle Of The Road”, a moving song that effortlessly blends the best of folk and americana into a down- to-earth anthem all about finding peace with where you’re at and who you are. Featuring classic folk acoustic production that transports you to a simpler time, this track is the kind of song that will inspire you to clear your head and take a long walk in the middle of nowhere.
“Middle Of The Road” begins with a building fade-in before a light mandolin melody floats over rhythmic acoustic guitar strums. Piano chords create a solid, reverberating base for the instrumentation that adds a calm depth to the tune. Bronchtein enters with a strong, pensive delivery that showcases his textured, emotive voice. The instrumentation is captivating and decorative as the lyrics depict a serene scene before he declares in the moving chorus “I’m gonna take my time in the middle of the road”.
Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Bronchtein wrote this song with Caitlin Canty and the recording features Cy Winstanley, Sam Howard, Nate Barnes, and Rachel Baiman. The track was engineered by Sean Sullivan and mixed by Tyler Fortier. With an incredible ensemble and a soulful, grounded message, “Middle Of The Road” is a song that will not only move you with it’s incredible instrumental orchestration, but will also envelop you in timeless lyrics that somehow feel like home.

Written by Katrina Charles






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