“That Girl” – Emei

Every other month I make a list of goals that then goes ignored after approximately 24 hours. So I can wholeheartedly understand every ounce of “That Girl” by Emei, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s an anthem for those of us who are hopeful about making those small changes in our lives, falling a bit short, and the ultimate rage it can cause to well up inside. 

That rage is perfectly presented in “That Girl” as Emei ramps things up towards the end, but before we get there, we get an interesting start. Almost like spoken word meets the Warped Tour scene, Emei comes through with this unique delivery that not many are doing today. Once things get going though and the lyrics start to be laid out on display, we’re given this very straightforward insight into the Los Angeles-based singer’s mind. She wants to be “That Girl” but honey, it ain’t easy. 

And while Emei laments about the highs and lows of attempting to be “That Girl,” she sort of is in her own right. She appeared on ‘Chinese Idol’ at 15, placed third, and went on to make a career for herself. Then, once 2020 came into view and we all realized life was too short, Emei decided it was time to try her skills out in a new market. Poised with the talent to do so, she dropped “Distracted” in 2021. Since then she’s released a few more singles, including “That Girl.” To hear those and more, make sure to check Emei out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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