“story for you” – VALDIS

There is something about the distance between time in regards to our childhood to adulthood that can make a person get emotional. So what happens when one takes all of those feelings, wraps them up, and places them in a song? You get “story of you” by VALDIS. 

VALDIS takes us on an emotive ride filled with personal nostalgia that feels so universal, we start to envision our own memories. Iceland’s Halldór Smárason’s piano driven ways of this ballad help to push the sentiment over the edge until you are left wanting nothing more than to crawl back into your childhood bed and a time where you felt more like yourself. 

This is what VALDIS focuses on. It’s not just missing the past, but that yearning for who we used to be. As kids we’re more carefree and bright eyed but as the years collect, some of us lose that – or just push it aside for the chaos of adulthood. Everyday we get a million and one love songs aimed at this person and that, so it is nice to hear what is essentially a beautiful homage to one’s past self and the innocence that comes with our youth. 

“story of you” is VALDIS’ second single this year and showcases a different side of her as “Onto You” from earlier this year was more sensual pop while this highlights that she can throwdown when a ballad is placed before her. All of this follows a couple of years and a few more singles as she continues to raise the bar with each release. To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check VALDIS out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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