“Dangerous” – RIVALS

“I am a woman with no regrets” 

Believe it or not, as composed as we are as women – most of us have to grow into these Wonder Woman mentalities because for so long we’re trampled on by everyone and things from family to society. Even those you see on stage owning every inch, were once little girls stuck wishing they could be more. People like Kalie Wolfe of RIVALS. Coming into her own and finding that headspace is part of what went into RIVALS’ latest “Dangerous.”

“Dangerous” has some pretty striking imagery right out of the gate with scenes of demons on doorsteps coming into focus. These demons are not unique to anyone as we dive deeper into this song, we realize that we’ve all been there. Being stuck with this nagging feeling as if we’re not enough, but then one day being able to stand up to them – that’s when we come alive and step into our own personal danger zone, which can make some feel a bit uneasy. However, this song is about owning that and not giving a care in the world what others think and pushing forward as the dangerous person you are. 

RIVALS delivers this message of personal triumph with a solid rock sound that fans of Dayseeker and Crashing Atlas would surely become obsessed with in an instant. “Dangerous” is the latest single from RIVALS following the release of “Dark Matter” earlier this year and 2021’s ‘Sad Looks Pretty On Me.’ To hear all of that and more, make sure to check out RIVALS on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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