“Take Me to the Moon” – Mike Spector

Between two singles Mike Spector has already showcased a wide variety of what he can and will continue to do with his budding music career. His 2022 debut, “The Key,” gave way to a more soulful, bluesy performance while his latest, “Take Me to the Moon,” still highlights his vocal talents in that regard, he was able to give audiences a whole new side of his artistry. 

Inspired by the pure joy that comes with listening to the likes of ABBA, Mike Spector was moved to write a song that was as jubilant as the pop group. The result being “Take Me to the Moon,” a song that accomplished what Mike Spector set out to do as this is a joyous listen. The overall sound was giving very ‘70s soul meets ‘90s R&B and that combination will make hearts around the world sing in unison as this isn’t just a song that sounds great, it comes through with the lyrical content as well. It’s this wonderfully constructed, poetic, song that is endearing from start to finish that has an air of romance with a subtle hint of sexual desire. 

Mike Spector came up in rural Massachusetts before getting his education at UMASS. Since starting his musical journey he’s been lucky enough to open for Khalid and Dionysia, as well as be featured on Mix 104.1 Lounge, and perform at House of Blues. To hear more from Mike Spector, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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