“What’s That Song” – Cecilia Kallin

Photo Credit: Caroline Korenado

When Cecilia Kallin penned “What’s That Song” on a couch among two friends, Carl-Oscar Korenado and Nicke Wallin, they were vibing with music from the ‘60s and ‘70s and while I can hear that carefree meets Jackson 5 pop – there’s something more. Being a child of the ‘90s, I could not help but smile as that latest from Kallin took me back to the latter half of that decade when the pop was well, simple and fun. 

All of the aforementioned decades are at play, but “What’s That Song” does kick off with a modern pop beat before settling in and traveling through various eras of pop. Listening a few times over, the verses give early Britney Spears while the choruses are more throwback, giving way to those groovy and psychedelic decades Kellin, Korenado, and Wallin were feeling on the couch a year ago. When that chorus hits, you cannot help but bust out your best ‘70s-inspired choreography. At least, that is what I did, trying my best to emulate a ‘Brady Bunch’ variety show number, bell bottoms and all. 

Longtime fans of Cecilia Kallin have gotten well acquainted with her as the lead singer and guitarist in Timoteij. Now on her own, she’s embracing the easygoing ways of pop with her latest, “What’s That Song,” a track that feels tailor-made for the summer months. To hear that and more from the Swedish songstress Cecilia Kallin, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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