“Bittersweet” – WYATT

If for some reason it was possible to musically combine Shawn Mendes with Baltimore’s All Time Low, the result would be “Bittersweet” from WYATT. Oozing with a mainstream ready vocal performance and a pinch of angst ridden lyricism, “Bittersweet” lives up to its name and then some. 

In his latest release, WYATT presents a song that quickly wiggles its way into your memory. From the press of play, the intro gives off this mid-00s indie vibe. Very reminiscent of early Silversun Pickups. Once the dust settles though and WYATT comes through with the first line, it transforms more into this sinister pop song with hooks for days. From “pulling teeth you’ll be the death of me” to “I’m not sorry for not saying sorry,” “Bittersweet is laced with lines that burrow into your memory, leaving you to do nothing more than hum them for the rest of the day until a new earworm settles in. 

Vocally, WYATT brings it like the aforementioned Shawn Mendes in that he carries himself with an anthemic pop-rock manner, but weaves that into this more alternative take on the lyrical content. This is why former Warped Tour vets, All Time Low, were the other half of the initial equation. 

“Bittersweet” is WYATT’s first single of the new year, following “Hate My Life” in 2021. He also dropped his debut EP last year. To hear ‘WY WAIT,’ “Bittersweet,” and more from WYATT, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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