Staff Picks For The New Year

Throughout the year, we have received thousands of submissions from record labels, agencies and independent artists, and we thought we would put together a special list of some of our recent staff picks for this holiday season. Whilst it has been tough, we have whittled it down to some of our seven favorite songs of the year, which you can read about below:

Soran - "Anchor"

First off, we have Candian singer Soran. Born to a Japanese mother and French father, his musical talents expand far beyond just singing. On his first self Titled EP, Soran played all of the instruments, and co-produced the album, giving it plenty of cultural inflictions and inspiration.


His latest track “Anchor” takes us on a dark pop trip, with Soran’s smooth vocal guiding the listener through a tough break up, by “sailing towards closure”. Although the track only has a few thousand streams at the time of writing, his earlier work is still gaining him new fans, as he currently has over 250,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Grizfolk ft. Kyle Gass - "All I Want For Christmas Is A Rock Show"

An Unlikely duo perhaps, “All I Want For Christmas Is A Rock Show” is the lovechild of Swedish-American Rock band Grizfolk, and American musician and actor Kyle Gass, and centers around the band’s plea to perform a rock show amid the current global COVID-19 situation.

Prior to this release, Grizfolk had performed live a number of times, most notably on “Late Show With David Letterman”, “Conan O’Brien” and a number of radio shows. On the other hand, Kyle Gass is most well known for being a member of comedy rock duo Tenacious D, alongside longtime friend Jack Black.

Segiri (Remixed by Alex Ross) - "Tastes Like Anarchy"

This song is originally credited to Segiri, who is an Indian singer who moved to London at the age of 18. Her tracks usually see support from well known Spotify playlists and the BBC, however it was British DJ’s Remix of “Taste Of Anarchy” that truly blew up. 

The revamped track featuring Alex also features an extra verse about wearing a mask, which relates to the social climate now, and provides a context to the music video, which was filmed entirely remotely due to the social distancing restrictions in the UK. This version of the song has become a quarantine anthem for many, and is Segiri’s most popular track to date.

Lund - "Downhill"

Despite a tough beginning to life, being born to high school aged parents with drug and mental health issues, Lund has managed to turn his life around. He first began a career in music after his first song “Broken” gained traction from popular Youtubers such as “Astari” and “Clicky Crisp” who featured it in a gaming montage.

“Downhill” is the 4th track on Lund’s latest EP titled “Project Of A Person”, which also features tracks “DNA”, “Moon”, “Issues”, “Red Tide” and “Out Of Time”.

All of these great artists deserve as much praise as we can give them, due to the hard work they’ve put in over these challenging times to persevere and keep creating music to entertain their fans.

RINI - "Out of the Blue"

“Out of the Blue” is a mesmerizing and sensational new track by the R&B singer and songwriter RINI. He has been on a role with his recent releases, and this new one is all about how love had come out of the blue. He shares a story of his connection with someone evolving over time, and that he’d like to pick up back where they started. With his charming voice, smooth music, and addicting beat, this latest track is a perfect blend of fire and ice to add to your playlist!

Melissa Erin - "Settle on Down"

“Settle on Down” is a solid single from the talented artist Melissa Erin. This track is a single from a series that she plans on releasing by combining her artistic talents with like-minded artists. This track has a story-telling lyrics and melody that will soothe your soul. Together with her team of talented and passionate individuals, which includes Grammy award-winning musicians like Brandon Bell and Phil Anthony, she is creating inspirational music at a time that the world really needs peace. Combining her pure voice with blissful acoustic guitar playing, she delivers us a remarkable classic folk tune. Experience her latest single “Settle on Down” and it will take you back to living in the moment.

KIAN - "Sunbeam"

“Sunbeam” is an amazing new release by the Australian singer/songwriter KIAN. His music can be described simply as a good feeling, with melodies that radiate positive vibes. This new song is a portrayal of hope, and KIAN brightens up life with music that will get listeners on their feet. His way of combining soulful vocals and smooth music is truly mesmerizing. After his recent super-hit single “Every Hour”, which amassed over one hundred streams, this song is his latest creation, and we can’t wait to see what he has next in store for us!

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