Dylan Fraser – “Losing Sleep”

Dylan Fraser’s latest single “Losing Sleep” is a powerful pop anthem that depicts how a longing for simpler times can keep you awake at night. The dynamic song is a journey through these ruminating emotions, executed with excellent production that perfectly highlights the range of Fraser’s vocal and songwriting talents.

The song begins with percussive guitar and synth tones accented with scattered drums that strategically drive the song forward. As Fraser begins singing, the orchestration builds with ambient piano that creates the perfect bed for his bold, conversational delivery. His voice is unexpectedly powerful; you are drawn in by his relaxed tone only to be swept away in the pre-chorus when he shifts gears to a gripping falsetto that brings the song to a new, emotive depth. The chorus will move you as he nostalgically sings in a rhythmic syncopation “I wish I could go back to those days when I was losing teeth, instead of losing sleep”. Whispered echoes add an otherworldly effect to the chorus as if we are listening directly to Fraser’s inner thoughts.

Originally from Bathgate, Scotland, Dylan Fraser released his debut EP The Storm in October of this year. With career goals that have quickly outgrown his hometown, Fraser is poised for international success with his amazing songwriting, captivating voice, enthralling production, and relatable lyrics that cut right to your core.

Written by Katrina Charles

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