2020 Wrapped – Artists To Watch

Although 2020 has been a pretty dire year for most of us, the world of music has welcomed a variety of amazing songs, and has introduced us to a plethora of new artists, as well as reintroduced us to some who have been taking some time off. December in particular has been a prolific month for a number of musicians, and today we will be sharing our top six songs we uncovered by artists you should definitely have your eye on going into 2021:

Nona - "Forever Yours"

Hailing from a small town in the Netherlands, Nona tops our list as the number 1 artist to watch. In her youth, she was exposed to a wide variety of music from a young age, due to her parents owning a record shop and frequently encouraging her to take up an instrument. She tried the flute, Piano and the guitar before she ultimately settled on her true passion, which was her voice.

Despite being early in her career in her twenties, you wouldn’t be shamed for believing she was an older, more experienced artist, having already made a huge impact on the industry in her native country. Her latest single “Forever Yours”, which combines Nona’s uniquely vintage, soul vocal tone with a modern, Hip Hop inspired beat has already received frequent radio play across the Netherlands, resulting in weekly live performances up and down the country.

Currently she is signed to Universal Music and sits on about 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. As a result of this, it shouldn’t be long before Nona’s talent is recognised by a wider audience.

Dope Lemon - "Kids Fallin’ In Love"

After success as part of the Indie-Pop duo Angus and Julia Stone, Dope Lemon is the pseudonym of Australian singer/songwriter Angus Stone, whose music tends to lean more towards laid back, “surfer” rock. His first solo album “Honey Bones” was released in 2016, and was written by him and his friends on his farm in Australia.

His most recent track “Kids Fallin’ In Love” has a more conceptual focus, and according to Dope Lemon himself is about “That magical place you go when you feel that warm glow around your heart again”. The track itself features heavily distorted, echoing vocals which are cleverly intertwined with Lemon’s signature talk singing, making you feel like you are hallucinating throughout the track. These are layered with light percussion and floating electric guitar solos, which really capture the essence of the Indie-Rock genre the track is aiming for.

Throughout his career, Dope Lemon has released a total of 2 albums, amassed over 1.3 million Spotify listeners and is currently signed to EMI, which is a division of Universal music, all whilst sitting relatively under the radar outside of the Indie music scene. 

Whilst those were our picks for artists to watch, there are plenty of other talented singers, songwriters and musicians just waiting for their big break into the music scene, and we hope to see a whole range of different music coming our way in 2021.

Wiese - "Loyal"

Wiese is a talented artist with magic in his music, and his latest track “Loyal” is the perfect example of that. With chill yet edgy vocals and electrifying synth lines, this latest track is a perfect addition to your playlist to fill up your day with positive vibes. His melodic voice infused with R&B elements makes the song fresh and addictive. Check out his other tunes too when you get a chance – we are also big fans of his electropop hit “Somebody Else”.

Onk Lou - "Like 16"

“Like 16” is a fantastic song by artist Onk Lou. This latest release will fill you up with motivation and encourage you to take on new challenges in life. No matter how many times we get washed back, one has to get up and catch the next wave. And this track conveys this message gracefully combined with addictive and powerful instrumentation! 

Francis On My Mind - "Summer (French Original Remix)"

“Summer” is a fresh and exotic track by artist Francis On My Mind. This track radiates energetic summer vibes that will take you back to those nostalgic and exciting sunny days. With perfectly-crafted electronic instrumentation and catchy lyrics, Francis On My Mind is definitely an artist to look out for!

Vera Blue - "Lie To Me (Acoustic)"

“Lie To Me” is a beautiful, catchy song by Australian electropop singer Vera Blue. With her soul-soothing voice and sensational songwriting, this latest track is a masterpiece. “Lie To Me” is a poetic sonic landscape centering around the complexities of tearing down walls within a relationship. Combined with gorgeous vocals and solid acoustic guitar, this song will fill you up with inspiration that only an incredible live performance can bring!

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