“Spirit” – Judah & the Lion

Judah & the Lion’s single “Spirit” off of their EP of the same name is an uplifting, dynamic folk song that could shake off the gloomy feeling of any gray day. Though it was written and recorded separately due to the COVID pandemic quarantine, you would never know it by the feeling of community and togetherness exuded by this optimistic tune.

Beginning with an unassuming melody of acoustic guitar arpeggiation, “Spirit” lulls you into a peaceful state in just a few seconds. Lead singer Judah Akers’ voice comes in over the calm accompaniment with a confident, striking tone. The verse continues as you are suddenly hit with strong, percussive strums accentuating the growing intensity of the lyrics before it again falls back like the ocean receding after a wave. As the chorus comes in, the folk orchestration is joined by a pop-like syncopation as it builds to the ensemble singing “There’s no give up in us”. The dynamic and unexpected changes through the rest of the song leave you feeling energized and lighter than you were before.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Judah & the Lion is comprised of Judah Akers on vocals and guitar, Brian Macdonald on vocals and mandolin, and Nate Zuercher on vocals and banjo. Released in November of 2020, “Spirit” has been gaining traction and receiving placements on the top playlists of most major streaming services. This trio has mastered the art of crafting powerful songs full of heart and soul and, with this release, you can hear it.

Written by Katrina Charles

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