“Man’s World” (Remix by MUNA) – MARINA

MARINA’s single “Man’s World” is an honest, triumphant track that we could only expect from this iconic artist. In this remix by MUNA, the original anthem has evolved into a dancefloor-worthy jam that will help you dismantle the patriarchy one beat at a time.

Launching in with a haunting echo, the beat drops and the verse begins without hesitation. MARINA’s uniquely clear and emotive voice floats angelically over the sea of percussive sounds and samples. The lyrics are raw and unfiltered depicting instances of the oppression minorities have faced at the hand of patriarchal society. The verse slowly builds in intensity to the chorus as she sings “Mother nature’s dying, nobody’s keeping score, I don’t want to live in man’s world anymore”. With a synth bassline that will transport you to the 80s, the chorus leads back into the verse as the singer continues to depict the repercussions of toxic masculinity and the widespread detrimental effects of living in a man’s world.

Based in the United Kingdom, this Welsh singer and songwriter is no stranger to success. Previously known as Marina and the Diamonds, Marina Diamandis has released four studio albums that have made her a worldwide Top 10 Gold & Platinum selling artist. With her unique and confident sound and her brave, no-holds-barred songwriting, MARINA remains a voice of progress in such a way that will have you dancing and singing along while leading the revolution.

Written by Katrina Charles

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