“All My Life” – FRIDAY

“All My Life” from the band FRIDAY is an optimistic, romantic tune that blends the best of rock and folk into one energizing and engaging experience. The first single off of their debut EP A Band Called, this song is an incredibly confident introduction to FRIDAY’s unique sound and perspective.

“All My Life” begins with ambient electric guitar ringing over orchestral undertones that slowly build to the verse. The lead singer’s vocals come in strong and emotive with a hint of rasp that adds a conversational, thoughtful touch to the lyrics as he sings about meeting the person of his dreams for the first time. The chorus unexpectedly sweeps you in with a wave of voices over a rhythm of acoustic guitar and claps. The switch from rock to a more folk sound between the verse and the chorus adds surprising depth and heart to the song as they sing “All my life, I’ve been waiting for you… and now I wait until we meet again”.

The band FRIDAY, based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, is comprised of the duo Koen and Quinten. After years of making music with friends and other bands, they began this journey in March of 2020 with the release of their first single “21” which is also included on their new EP. With their latest single, they expertly showcase their talents in crafting a relatable and heartwarming narrative with unique arrangements and unmatched energy. You’ve been waiting to hear music like this all your life.

Written by Katrina Charles

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