“SOS” by Zack Fowler

Zack Fowler’s latest pop-punk release “SOS” takes listeners on an emotive ride with its highly charged songwriting and a heartwrenching cry for help which many can relate to. We had the pleasure of interviewing Zack Fowler, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Apart from enjoying the spirited instrumentation, I found the lyrics interesting! Especially the part which says, “My SOS is a cry that’s never heard/My SOS is a drunk call on your phone.” Do you mind sharing the story behind SOS?

FOWLER: The whole story of the song is a juxtaposition between a happy party animal, but behind the scenes, it’s a cry for help. We typically party to feel good, when often things are falling apart. Often when I am drinking too much or doing drugs it’s been because I am riddled with anxieties and demons. SOS paints that picture of the dark side of partying. It’s a hidden cry for help

Q: Can you walk me through your production process for “SOS”?

FOWLER: A lot of my songs start off with a melody idea. With SOS it was the I’m about that life lyric. And from there I just expanded the melody and lyrics with my acoustic guitar. Once I had a complete song, I took it to my producer Charlie Westropp and we got working on the arrangement and production. We knew we wanted something very pop-punk and I was heavily influenced by Sueco with this track.

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences? Why?

FOWLER: I think a lot of pop-punk fans can trace their influences all the way back to the god of pop-punk which would be Blink 182. But I take a lot of influence from Sueco, Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, Blink 182, and Hot Mulligan.

Q: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

FOWLER: Running businesses. As I have done for over 10 years now. I run an amazing marketing and web design agency in the UK with my team of rebels, which keeps me alive.

Q: What are you currently working on?

FOWLER: I have written and finished over 12 songs ready for release this year. And I am on my first support tour in 2 weeks. It’s probably fair to say there is a lot in the works ready for 2023.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve received since you embarked on this musical journey

FOWLER: Perseverance. Keep going, keep figuring sh*t out, be you, and listen to others : )

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