“Ooh La La” by Hunter Falls

“Ooh La La” by Belgium-based singer-songwriter, Hunter Falls is one of those tracks that will instantly change a bad mood into a good one with its upbeat, dance melody. You’re sure to be dancing before you know it. We had the pleasure of interviewing Hunter Falls, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What drew me to “Ooh La La” is how upbeat and fun it sounds. I also loved the soulful vocal delivery! What’s the inspiration behind this song?

FALLS: The song is about seeing someone and being blown away by how amazing they look.

Q: How long did it take you to create this song?

FALLS: The song took us less than an hour to fully write.

Q: I see you started singing at the age of 6. How did this happen? What got you interested in singing?

FALLS: I had always been surrounded by music. My mother used to sing to me as a child and my sister wanted to be a singer too. I wanted to be more like her.

Q: You’re currently based in Belgium. What’s the music scene like over there, and how has this impacted your musical career?

FALLS: The music scene in Belgium is quite difficult to get into because we’re not the biggest country, to begin with. However, if you don’t give up you can achieve many things. The upside is that once you do get a little more known, you have a greater loyalty from your fans.

Q: I see you made it to the finals of Eurosong 2023 in Belgium with this song. How did that feel and what did you take away from the experience?

FALLS: It felt absolutely amazing. It was nice to know that my music was good and appreciated by my peers in the business. It was overall a fantastic experience and I’ll cherish all those memories!

Q: Do you mind sharing some key aspects of your musical roadmap for 2023?

FALLS: I’ll probably be releasing more songs this year and I have got some great collaborations lined up with different artists. Other than that I’ll be exploring the live scene in order to grow my fanbase.

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