“It aint that deep.” – The River

“It aint that deep.” by The River is so viscerally smooth, catchy, and entertaining. It’s one of those tracks that, from start to finish, keeps you delightfully surprised. The vocals are confidently delivered, imbued with the effortless coolness that comes with being insanely naturally gifted. Plus, the arrangement and production create the most infectious groove you’ll ever hear. Just give this track a listen–you’ll be adding it to your pop/R&B playlists before you know it.

An ethereal pad and a delay-laden electric guitar create this blossoming atmosphere in the intro. “Baby, it ain’t that deep / I know a book you can read,” the singer croons with warm, sweeping conviction. A subtle drum groove trickles in as the lyrics start to form rhythmic, poetic phrases. As the syllables and rhymes appear in all the right spots, the listener melts into the brilliant songwriting.

With the appearance of a poignant, bittersweet chord, suddenly we’re hurtling into the chorus. The rhythmic integrity solidifies with the shake of a tambourine and an explosion of beautiful textures. The heightened dynamics here really get into your bones. It’s hard to even explain why–it’s just that good. A sweet chromatic guitar line takes us back into a verse, perfectly concluding the euphoric hook.

If you’re trying to find a new favorite R&B artist, this could be your chance. “It aint that deep.” is one of the most plainly enjoyable tracks out there. Give The River a listen, a like, a follow, and a download!


Written by Alyce Lindberg

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