“sometimes” – Camylio

Not too long ago Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes found themselves going from YouTube to the Grammy stage, and now artists like Camylio are aiming to have the same results. Only Camylio is utilizing TikTok to get his voice heard, and it’s working. Ever since the fall of 2020, millions upon millions of people across the world have tuned in for his covers. So much so that in 2021 he was able to start releasing his own music. Today he’s three singles deep, including his latest release, “sometimes.” 

Much like Lewis Capaldi did a couple of years ago with “Someone You Loved,” Camylio can instantly hook audiences with one single note in “sometimes.” Immediately, you want to know where the story is going and there is nowhere you’d rather be than engulfed in every word leaving his lips. His heart is in every second of this song from start to finish and when he sings with every fiber in him, “I hope you find the love you can trust” – time stands still. And while this song is full of sorrow residing on a broken heart, it’s performed so wonderfully that it can still make listeners happy much like Mariah Carey’s “My All.” 

Blowing people away time after time on TikTok led the New York-based singer went from your typical 20-year-old to the latest artist to sign with Republic Records. With a deal scored, Camylio has been nonstop this year with a cascade of hits including “ghost me,” “love and hate,” and his latest, “sometimes.” 

“sometimes” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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