The Ultimate Pop Punk Calendar Mixtape

There is a mixtape out there that fits every mood, every situation, every moment of our lives but have you ever craved the emo riddled goodness of pop punk every month and wondered, man – I wish there was a pop punk song I could turn on and rock out to every month throughout the year. Well, good news! There is! It is time to take a look at the songs, and bands that you can relieve the good ol’ days of Warped Tour with every single month. 

“January Rain” - PVRIS

Most of us use January as a buffer for the rest of the year as many are still getting over the strain of the wave of holidays that preceded it. Now you can get through the first month of the year with “January Rain” from PVRIS. Off their third studio album, 2020’s ‘Use Me,’ “January Rain” is the perfect song to kick off a mixtape because it eases you into starting another year of life. 

“February” - When The Sun Sets

There is something magical about those signature pop punk vocals slowing things down and delivering a song that leaves listeners in their feels. 

“Viking Death March” - Billy Talent

Does this song have anything to do with the actual month of March? Nope, but as winter starts to fade, it is time to remember to break out the layers of clothes and march towards spring. 

“April 7th” - The Maine

Spring is settling in, there are still some days where some showers will keep you indoors but that is okay when you have this serene, mid tempo jam from 2021’s ‘XOXO: From Love and Anxiety in Real Time.’

“Hold On Till May” - Pierce The Veil

It has been a minute since this San Diego band dropped an album, but “Hold On Till May” featuring Lindsey Stamey of Oh No Fiasco will hold listeners over throughout not only that month, but all year long. 

“June” - Tigers Jaw

NBC’s hit series ‘The Office’ is not the only claim to fame Scranton, Pennsylvania has going for it. Nope, because the city where everyone’s favorite paper company resides is also the home of Tigers Jaw, who is providing a nice, easygoing song for the middle of our pop punk mixtape. 

“Fourth of July” - Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy helped usher in a new wave of pop punk in the mid-00s and with them came this soulful, poetic approach thanks to Patrick Stump’s vocal achievements and Pete Wentz’s lyrical genius. Today they are still flying as high as the fireworks displays on Independence Day. 

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” - Green Day

Was there any other song that could have represented September better? 

“October Forever” - Driveways

After one wakes up at the end of September, one can get pumped for the rest of the year with this one from this Massachusetts trio. 

“November” - Silverstein

With the year winding down, “November” provides a healthy dose of emotive lyrics and angst to get you through. 

“December” - Neck Deep

Cap off the year by getting all warm and fuzzy from this sweet serenade from Neck Deep. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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