“Record Player” – Daisy The Great x AJR

Sometimes you just never know who’ll stumble across your music on TikTok. When fans near and far ate up the chorus of “The Record Player Song” a few years ago, it caused a cascade of good. They not only signed with S-Curve Records, but they managed to connect with Jack Met of AJR. As the stars started to align for the Brooklyn-based duo, a new version of their viral sensation started to take shape. Today, Daisy The Great are gearing up for a string of dates this September where they’ll be opening up for AJR, and likely singing alongside them on the revamped version of “Record Player” now featuring their tourmates. 

Whether it’s bubblegum or indie, the chorus of any song that falls under the pop umbrella is what is going to eat at your brain – in the best way possible – long after the song is said and done, and that is exactly what “Record Player” has going for it. No one should be shocked by that since it was the chorus that made the original version reach the masses years prior. Now though, Daisy The Great’s catchy chorus has been paired with AJR’s verse additions that ground the song in reality where they ironically question reality, while simultaneously poke some fun at influencers, or rather – people who get famous for doing absolutely nothing. 

The juxtaposition of the chorus and the verse play well off one another because one hooks you and the other, well once you get past the quirky and cute sing-a-long nature of the song, makes listeners stop and think. 

Daisy The Great’s tour with AJR kicked off September 5th in Allentown, PA, and runs through October 1st, and “Record Player” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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