“So Perfect” – Chloe J

It is easy to lose sight of yourself in today’s world with the constant stream of “how to be” coming through the likes of social media. We yearn to be like the influencers, the celebrities but at the end of the day, we have to realize most of that is for show, and that the bottom line is – we’re all fine just the way we are. In 2022, the idea of self-love has to come through more than ever, and songs like “So Perfect” by Chloe J can help send that sentiment near and far. 

Chloe J comes through with a song that’s not only beautiful in meaning but in delivery as well. Her modern approach to R&B interweaves an essence of pop with a heartfelt message that will speak to fans across the board. It’s one of those songs that Top 40 Radio will cling onto much like an Ariana Grande joint. Chloe J laments a strong, bold message throughout “So Perfect” that makes this a song that leans towards anthemic in many ways. It doesn’t hurt that it was also produced by Steven Russell – a three-time Grammy winner who was also produced the #1 single, “No Air,” by ‘American Idol’ Jordin Sparks.

This Las Vegas-based R&B songstress has been churning out hits since 2019 when she dropped, “Krawlz,” which garnered over 200k streams in a matter of months. Since then Chloe J has not only dropped a handful more singles, but has also sung the National Anthem at NHL Golden Knights games, and worked in her local community doing charity events for the homeless and those living with Spina Bifida. Her charitable work goes hand in hand with the message of her latest single that’s sure to speak to many around the world and inspire more self-love. 

Poised with a voice as golden as her heart, Chloe J is continuing her rise to the top of the charts with “So Perfect,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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