“Prove To You” – Jared Wohl

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I’m nearing a crucial age and have yet to find my place. Then I wake up, learn a bit about singer-songwriter Jared Wohl and think, I have to step it up. Not only did he kill it on his debut, ‘The Road,’ but he’s also a masterfully educated career man on top of an advocate for a remarkable cause. Every step of his life has proven to be grand, but we’re here to talk more about his latest single from that aforementioned debut, “Prove To You.” 

“Prove To You” took me back to the tail-end of high school, the start of college when artists like John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw were on all the time. While we have the likes of Ed Sheeran today, even he sometimes strays more towards the mainstream pop and abandons the simplicity of his guitar. Jared Wohl is that happy medium, in that he comes strapped with this natural singer-songwriter vibe but tosses in a little pop-rock to pump up the energy. This is what he does throughout “Prove To You” as well as the rest of the record, especially with my personal favorite, “It Was Love.” 

Again, Jared Wohl has a career outside of music, as well as his advocacy work with The Wave Set. After his brother went through needing a liver transplant several years ago, and Jared being the match – they decided to focus on teaching others about the importance of organ donation. It’s no wonder you can hear the purity and heart in Wohl’s music! And remember, ‘The Road’ and “Prove To You” are just the start. 

To hear more from Jared Wohl, check him out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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