“Sirens” – Anna Leeworthy

What is interesting about modern-day music is that there are chances being taken with every release, as they are not all the same. With that, you can never pinpoint where artists like Anna Leeworthy are going to head with their next step. Something that keeps listeners excited and ready for more. This is why “Sirens” was so pleasing. Her second single of 2021, “Sirens” delivers a whole new side of this Australian-based songstress. 

Within mere seconds, Anna Leeworthy’s ethereal performance puts you in a trance as this fictional tale of a Siren and a human. While an inanimate object, what the siren represents can be viewed as more universal, as something we can all relate to as we’ve all been tempted by someone or something that only leads to a negative outcome. While the basis of this tale is not the brightest of topics, the song overall shines thanks to the unique moves made musically and that pristine vocal performance. 

“Sirens” is the second single of the year for Anna Leeworthy, and follows the release of her 2020 debut EP, ‘Go Figure.’ Listening to what Anna Leeworthy has done before, “Sirens” does showcase a new direction for the time being. As well as highlights her evolution as a songwriter and performer overall as her past releases vary from “Sirens” in both style and narrative. One could place this song in a beautiful movie scene, or have it be the soundtrack to an artistic interpretive dance performance. 

Anna Leeworthy’s releases are available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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