“Dancing in the Dark” – Sciarra

The basis for “Dancing in the Dark” by Sciarra hit the depths of my soul as not only could I relate to the devastation of the ongoing pandemic, but also the parental heartbreak as well. Watching the world suffer on a macro level, only to have loss hit as close to home as possible – it’s a lot to deal with and I know we were not alone in this. Thankfully, Sciarra was able to take her anguish and translate that into the only language that everyone understands. 

“Dancing in the Dark” was inspired by a cascade of loss. Not only was the world losing citizens daily, but a year into COVID the LA-based singer-songwriter learned her mother had stage 4 cancer. Their time together cut short, Sciarra sat down and poured what she had left into writing. Something she has done since her teenage years miles from the happiest place on earth. Only, “Dancing in the Dark” came from a place that was far from happy. She married her emotions with darker hues of indie and pop meant for the big screen, and out came a song many, including myself, can find solace in. 

It’s not surprising “Dancing in the Dark” would have this mass appeal, as Sciarra has worked to find her place in the world of music penning songs for TV and film for the past several years. Her music has been featured on numerous networks, as well as on the hit reality competition series, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Perhaps one day soon we’ll see a celebrity dance to her latest single for that mirrored ball. For now, “Dancing in the Dark” can be heard and loved on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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