“Echo” – Eva Campbell

Despite how much progress we think the world has made in the past century, there are still aspects of our everyday lives that are looked down upon. A woman’s right to choose what she does or doesn’t do with her body, a trans person’s right to live their truth, or someone’s right to love who they want. The latter has left some in the LGBTQ+ community stuck between wanting to live a full life and staying hidden away. Eva Campbell was inspired by that and from those moments that are often just fear, came “Echo.” 

This anthemic pop song is not so much for those who aren’t ready to live out and proud, but a reminder for those who are that you should never hide who you are. If your partner isn’t ready to tell the world about you, or perhaps your family doesn’t accept you – don’t be discouraged. Instead, turn to self-love because that’s the only love you can depend on at the end of the day. Irish and proud, Eva Campbell wanted to dedicate this song to Dublin Pride, a festival that is near and dear to her heart. 

“Echo” will find a home on many playlists not only during Pride months and when events are near but year-round as it’s a beautiful homage to one’s self. If all goes well enough, I hope to hear it on a future season of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ starring Emmy-winner Gillian Anderson as the song would tie in wonderfully with one of the show’s biggest on and off again couples. 

For now, “Echo” is everywhere including on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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