“See it Believe it” – THE RIOT

THE RIOT has just released their song “See it Believe it”, a timely anthem that tackles the violence and injustices facing our world today. Inspired by the protests that occurred in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, “See it Believe it” is a track that uses music as a way to be a voice for the oppressed.
Beginning with an ambient intro of guitar strums and a subtle overlaying melody, the lead singer’s voice enters with a breathy, soulful delivery. The instrumentation grows in intensity with a distorted electric guitar line that accentuates the hook as they sing “Dear officer… I know you’re on your quest to make us all suppressed”. The song explodes with hard rock orchestration beneath rapped lyrics that tackle the anxieties and risks of living as an oppressed person in today’s world. The music pulls back abruptly to the light, ambient mood as they sing “We can barely make it out alive, why you never taking my side?”
“See it Believe it” is an incredibly engaging, accurate depiction of the feelings of fear and rage felt during this time of violence and turmoil. With this release, Australian trio THE RIOT has created a musical anthem for the oppressed as we continue to fight the social and economic disparities in our world today. With raw, honest lyrics, dynamic rock instrumentation, and a story that speaks to the times, “See it Believe it” is truly a song for the people.

Written by Katrina Charles

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