Country Songs That Give Off Punk Vibes

The styles that fall under the punk umbrella vary from the pop-punk variety to the overtly emo genre, but one style that is consistently looked over under that umbrella? Country music. Yes, punk and country don’t seem to go together on the surface, but when those twang-filled songs start delivering lyrics of feeling like an underdog, talking about love like an emo teen at Hot Topic, and providing anthems for rebels everywhere – they shine like a punk song like no other. So buckle up those boots and get ready for a pack of country songs that could pass for punk.

Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire”

There is a reason bands that have spent their summers on Warped Tour are always sporting Johnny Cash tees. For one, he was dubbed the Man in Black and everyone knows the darkest shade is a fan favorite among the goth and emo crowd. Secondly, this song walked so songs based around relationships from bands like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday could later run.

Terah Lynn “Listen No More”

When it comes to being fed up, no one tends to put that sentiment to music better than a punk band. That is until Terah Lynn dropped “Listen No More.”

Garth Brooks “Friends in Low Places”

Bands like New Found Glory and The Wonder Years pride themselves on their friends and often pen tracks about how important those relationships are. They also always give way to sticking it to the man, which is what Garth Brooks does in his signature hit, “Friends in Low Places.” Just because he rocks a cowboy hat while singing this one, doesn’t make it any less punk – and that’s that.

Courtney Dickinson “Convenience Store”

The clever wordplay harkens back to the early days of Fall Out Boy, as Courtney Dickinson tells it like it is – she is not open 24/7 for any man’s pleasure. Girl power, now that’s punk AF

Kacey Musgraves “Merry Go Round”

Going against the expected, the grain, that’s what punk music is all about. It’s about taking the box society has tried to put you in, and setting it on fire. Kacey Musgraves doesn’t just represent that in “Merry Go Round” but in every step of her career as a country singer who isn’t afraid to step away from the traditional path.

Tyler Braden “What Do They Know”

What punk band doesn’t have a song about telling off the naysayers? Tyler Braden could have fans of My Chemical Romance singing along to this if he wanted because this song is for the underdogs.

Taylor Swift “The Outside”

Speaking of underdogs, a common theme under the punk umbrella is feeling angsty about absolutely no one out there understands you. Word is Taylor Swift penned “The Outside” at only 12-years-old, and if that ain’t’ the age of angst, what is?

Tiera “Not Your Girl”

Punk has some pop to it, just look at the likes of All Time Low and The All-American Rejects. This is why one could reimagine Tiera’s “Not Your Girl” alongside those bands on a playlist.

The Chicks “Not Ready to Make Nice”

When The Chicks didn’t shy away from their political beliefs back in the day, they took a big hit from the country music community. That alone made them shine like a punk band, but then they went and recorded “Not Ready to Make Nice” and they shined even brighter. From the conviction in their delivery to the lyrical middle finger they gave with pride, this song is as punk as they come.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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