“Butterflies (Acoustic)” – James TW

Island Records artist James TW has just released an acoustic version of his song “Butterflies”. Originally recorded with pop effects and instrumentation, the acoustic version transforms “Butterflies” into a moving, grounded track that will tug at your heartstrings.
This new version of “Butterflies” begins with confident acoustic guitar as James TW thoughtfully plucks each note. The spacious instrumentation really allows the artist’s confident, poignant voice to flourish as he emotionally sings the lyrics depicting moving on from a breakup. After the first verse, very subtle piano enters with light percussion adding depth without distracting from the stable acoustic guitar melody. The chorus intensifies as James TW artfully plays muted guitar notes in a driving fashion creating a sense of urgency with the assistance of light vocal harmonies. The song continues with an upbeat rhythm and sparce percussion leaving plenty of room for James TW’s incredible talent to lead the way.
Though the original version of “Butterflies” is an incredible track, the release of the acoustic version offers a glimpse into the raw talent that James TW brings to the table. Behind the incredible pop production of the original lies a foundation that is just as strong and vibrant, and this version allows you to fully experience his instrumental talents and emotive voice in a pared back, unquestionably real way. With this acoustic release, James TW still gives us butterflies.

Written by Katrina Charles

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