“Same Side” – Dylan Dunlap

Life is far from perfect. Those who didn’t believe that before, most definitely have gotten hit in the face with that fact more than a few times since March 2020. Nevertheless, it’s not about wallowing in the negatives life throws at you, but instead taking it, tossing some seeds of good in the mix, and watching a positive outcome grow. 

That is what Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap has managed to do. Every time the world tosses the worst his way, he manages to find the glimmer of hope in it, and translates it into wonderfully inspired music from “Serotonin” to his latest, “Same Side.” 

It’s already been mentioned where Dylan Dunlap rests his head and creates his art, but one could have assumed he was penning music underneath the California sun from the musical moments of “Same Side.” There is something about the arrangement that screams coastal, whimsical breeze. Not exactly like Jason Mraz and Andrew McMahon, but one could see Dylan Dunlap’s style vibing well with fans of those artists at a festival as the waves crash on the sands of Hermosa Beach. 

Music has always been the one thing Dylan Dunlap was moved by. He has always taken the initiative to learn whatever he was interested in from teaching himself piano at six years old to tackling Pro Tools by 11. After spending his childhood as a budding musical prodigy, he headed off to Berklee School of Music but he soon returned to California to learn from experience. That experience being busking on the streets of his hometown. Since then Dylan has dropped a pair of EPs, and more than a handful of singles, including “Same Side.” 

Those interested in checking out “Same Side” can look for it now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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