“Will You Stay” – Jethro Tait

Boys don’t cry. 

A sentiment people have done everything from mutter to scream for far too long. A lie we’ve built around the idea of masculinity. Part of the foundation of “Will You Stay” from Jethro Tait. The Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter has never shied away from wearing his heart on his sleeve, or in his case – in his music. While he admits that opening up about his feelings can sometimes leave him feeling anything but okay, putting all those emotions into song is what he does best, and “Will You Stay” continues to prove that to be true. 

“Will You Stay” tells a tale that many can attach themselves to, especially post-2020 during a time where loneliness was on the ride. Jethro Tait opens this track up with that feeling and throughout explores various aspects of his mental health. One being that feeling of sort pushing someone you care about away when you’re feeling a certain type of way in the head, but also that realization that you didn’t mean to push – but instead want nothing more than to pull them closer. To be there as a personified security blanket. 

This wonderfully relatable song sung in an earnest manner is Jethro Tait’s third single in 2021, and follows the release of his wildly popular EP, ‘I Don’t Sleep.’ An EP that was not only nominated for a SAMAs for Pop Record of the Year but one that features a Record of the Year nominee, his hit single, “SAD.” 

Those interested in checking out this emotionally driven new single from Jethro Tait can check out “Will You Stay,” out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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