“Roller Coaster” – Limón Limón

“Roller Coaster” by Limón Limón is one of those sublime pieces of music that requires little to no effort to enjoy. Like good food or a relaxing vacation, this track makes a beeline for your dopamine receptors. By no means is it simple or undemanding, however. A decadent song like this takes discernment on the part of the artist in so many areas–production, musicality, performance, and lyricism all factor into this euphonic final product.

We’re greeted with a poignant guitar chord progression which slowly sweeps into clarity just before the verse. “Rainclouds always follow me on my way home,” the singer croons through a subtle cloud of distortion. The instrumentation now consists of a pulsing synth and a bright electronic drum groove. The rhythmic integrity of this verse is strong, utilizing mostly eighth notes with a solid emphasis on beats two and four (a surefire way to give something a visceral pocket). The melody here is also undeniably catchy, utilizing a satisfying and diverse shape.

The pre-chorus employs new keyboard textures and a melody that outlines the chord changes quite straightforwardly. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the chorus, which is definitely the busiest section of the song. Guitars strum a more syncopated rhythm. Harmonies blanket the lead vocal. A synth performs a sparkly motif. Overall, it’s the best payoff we could hope for.

What’s not to love about “Roller Coaster?” If you like music even a little bit, you’ll surely enjoy this. Please give Limón Limón a listen, a like, and a share!

Written by Alyce lindberg

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