“Read My Mind” – Red Ivy

“Read My Mind” by Red Ivy belongs to that anthemic, beloved pop-rock category that hosts WALK THE MOON and The 1975. As the effortlessly catchy melodies mesh with the full, thunderous accompaniment, we get something absolutely infectious. It’s cleanly produced, masterfully written, and brilliantly performed.

The intro sports a frenetic guitar riff, mirrored by the bass and drums. Already, we get that breathtaking full-band sound. It’s refreshing to hear a song that begins so full-throttle because so many songs these days are a slow burn. The verse begins and the band fizzles out, leaving one crunchy, bright guitar and a simple drum groove. “I’ve been hiding in my bedroom,” the singer cries with a smooth, clear timbre. The instruments trickle back in, anticipating the chorus. We even get some delicate harmonies that outline the melody–nothing too dramatic, but just enough the deepen the texture of the vocal line.

A pulsing synth rockets us into the chorus, at which point, that vibrant sound from the intro returns, obviously this time with lyrics. The melody closely adheres to the rhythm of the instruments, creating something cohesive, driving, and invigorating. This is a classically great chorus. The lyrics are simple enough to remember after one listen. The chords and melody are accessible. It’s undoubtedly climactic. There’s no denying that Red Ivy has a knack for clever, enticing songwriting.

If you’re looking for a song to really pump you up, “Read My Mind” is an ideal choice. The energy this song contains is electrifying.

Written by Alyce lindberg

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