“Blood” – Jules Paymer

“Blood” by Jules Paymer is the picture of what brilliant, modern songwriting looks like. Addressing the dynamics of family, especially in regard to fundamental disagreements and generational differences, Jules paints an evocative image of how painful it can be to wrestle with strained relationships. Their eloquent wording cuts to the bone for anyone that’s ever had a similar experience. Not to mention, their moving vocal performance and natural composition carry the message perfectly.

The verse pretty much immediately comes in, bolstered by a gentle, finger-picked acoustic guitar. “I know you don’t believe in god / You’re not religious, / But for the sake of family Christmases you are,” Jules croons with a casual, soft tone. A subtle string patch signals the pre-chorus, which sports touching yet slightly off-kilter chords and a rhythmically interesting melody.

The chorus comes in with a four-on-the-floor-style kick and a wave of harmonies. The vocal delivery gets a bit more angsty here, as Jules’s idiosyncrasies and inflections shine through. There’s no denying the climactic nature of this moment, especially considering the wildly clever hook: “You’d call those people sick / If blood wasn’t thick.” Not only does it encapsulate the theme in a genius, concise way, but it turns a common saying on its tail. When done right, this technique is one of the most effective, stop-you-in-you-tracks manners of conveying feeling in a song–and with immense finesse, Jules pulls it off.

Be sure to check out Jules Paymer! “Blood” is an absolute gem. It’s well-written, well-performed, and overall easy to enjoy.



Written by Alyce lindberg

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