“Into You” – Edouard

Good artists can maintain the same level throughout their careers, but it takes a great artist to be able to reinvent themselves and bring something new with each chapter. We’ve watched the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga do it, but we cannot count out a true master in the electronic scene and that’s Edouard. He spent much of the ‘90s as part of the French Touch movement and then went on to play a huge role in the house music scene throughout Europe not too long after. Since then he’s worn a variety of hats, stepped into a number of shoes, but has found his way back to music with his first EP, ‘Into You,’ and if the titular track is any indication of what’s to come – electro-pop fans better buckle up. 

Using electro-pop as the foundation, Edouard drapes the backdrop of “Into You” with a myriad of synthpop goodness that allows for the pristine vocals to fully win over audiences both near and far who come across this track. Musically, this song will satisfy those who live for the electronic ways of music, but because of the pop vocals that give “Into You” an edge, even fans of mainstream pop music will take notice much like Zedd has done with the likes of Hayley Williams and Alessia Cara in the past. 

Fans who’ve loved Edouard’s work since the ‘90s are not going to be disappointed by what’s to come, and neither is the cascade of new ones he’ll make along the way. “Into You” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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